Online Program & Women’s Circle

Nourish yourself and create a life you love!

I believe we are all creative, we are all artists and the artist creates her own world!

Your life is a work of art and guess what, so are you!

I have created Wonder-ING, a 6 week program and woman’s circle for you, divine mumma and woman to alchemise your unique experiences into the beautiful life you desire and deserve to live. It is done!

Every little and big experience in our lives are the brush strokes in a painting. They are the unique marks and textures on the sculpture or the jewellery piece lovingly made by hand. It is all part of the story; all part of the precious adventure and magnificent journey called life.

This is your moment to no longer allow you past circumstances to define how you live your life now. You truly can nourish your nervous system and heal by stepping into your Soul’s purpose and listening to your intuitive knowing, exploring your creative expression and by seeking out the joyful moments every day. It’s all in the little steps that we take each day and we are just getting started.


Are you WonderING who this is for?

You’re a mumma and woman who is now ready to live in the energy of wonder and curiosity, listen to your inner guidance, live with ease and flow and discover more creativity and joy in your life.

After everything you have experienced, you just know that life is short and you are ready to step into your Soul’s purpose and start living aligned with who you truly are. 

You are a seeker, a seeker of love and compassion, a giver of generosity, but you know that you can’t give from an empty cup.

You are a heart-centred woman that desires to live life aligned with your values and in integrity with who you truly are at your core.

You’re a woman who feels overwhelmed, stressed and burnt-out and you are ready to create a life you love. You are ready to start to see the wonder and joyful moments every day.

You’re a mum or woman who has experienced loss or grief and you are ready to nourish your nervous system and heal.

You always give to others first, your family, your friends, your loved ones, sometimes at the detriment of your own wellbeing and you are now choosing you.

You are a spiritual soul or simply intrigued by spirituality and you are excited by discovering and contributing your beautiful gifts to the world and raising the vibration and consciousness of the planet.

We start early 2022!

During the 6 weeks you will remember what it is like to connect to your childlike wonder and curiosity and your innate creative self. It is already a part of you and we are just going to unleash it once again; a remembering. 

Together we are going to throw perfectionism out the bloody window and practice what it is like to take inspired action when the moment calls and sometimes before we feel fully ready. It will be liberating and wonderful! You won’t know yourself, actually that is the point, you will. You will know yourself better than you ever have before.

This is the moment you will start to see everything through the eyes of wonder and curiosity and have the biggest shift in perspective of your life; A wonder perspective.

I will take you through my WONDER Framework, which is based on the energetic and heart-centred practices, spiritual, creative and mindset based tools that helped me on my own healing journey, including going into your Human Design and how to utilise your unique energy.

Included in the six week program:

A minimum of 6 recorded video modules that you can take at your own pace in your own time. As an added bonus you can choose to join our weekly live women’s circle (RSVP required). We are going to go on a journey together in this supportive container with other mums and like minded Soul’s and you will have a safe space to share your stories openly and honestly, talk about whatever you like or go over the weekly course content.

What others have to say!

WonderING what to expect?

Week One - Your Why

Let’s look at your story and your why. We are going deep here. Reviewing the past and the present and alchemising your learnings and experiences into a thing of beauty. You are at a crossroads where you get to decide your future.

Week Two - Openess

Being open to a source greater than yourself is so important. Open to opportunities, learning, unique ideas and different ways of doing things. Open to prosperity and trusting in the Universe. 

Week Three - New You

A new you is starting to form. A new identity. Here we are looking at creating new neural pathways through your thoughts and feelings, language and the questions you ask yourself to create the life you desire.

Week Four - Discovery Process

Discover your sense of curiosity and play once again and connect to your childlike wonder. Explore the things that intrigue you, investigate learn, develop, build on your skillset, create and practice, practice, practice.

Week Five - Energy & Emotion

Emotion = energy in motion. Here we go into the energy piece and look at how we use our energy and the intelligence behind it all. We will look at various tools to understand your energy on a deeper level and processes to move the energy and through your emotions efficiently.

Week Six - Renewal

This six week process is replenishing our nervous systems and rejuvenating our Soul’s. The regeneration process has begun and now a whole new identity is taking place. This is the place where you create a full proof plan to continue on this new spiritually aligned path towards your Soul’s purpose.

My Story

Creativity and spirituality has always flowed deep within my veins. My mum and my dad were the most supportive parents any child could hope for and my mums influence made an enormous impact on my own choices to do what I love and study visual arts and jewellery making at university. 
However conditioned fear based perfectionist behaviours slowly began to control my life and I put my dreams aside to follow the more traditional route. I began working in positions that were safe and secure, but never really fulfilled my Soul. I was waiting to start our family and finally live a life I loved. But how long do you wait for?
In 2015 our eldest son Elijah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at two and a half, and although he is an amazing and thriving eight year old boy now, it didn’t come without its’ fair share of overwhelm, stress and burnout from managing his care and support, language barriers and constant meltdowns at the time. Parenting was not at all what I had thought it would be and my almost impossible expectations were so far from what my husband and I were experiencing.
That same year I fell pregnant with our second son Jenson, who devastatingly and unexpectedly died while I gave birth to him. The pain and trauma from both of these events was such a shock to our nervous systems and there was a lot of healing still to come.
These events have changed myself and our families lives forever, but it is through these challenges that I have really experienced the process of grief, learnt true compassion for myself and others and grown tremendously as a human being and somehow amongst it all still find little moments of joy and peace.
It was the unfortunate awakening I was meant to experience to start the journey back on the path towards my Soul’s purpose.
One gift I received personally from what we experienced, was the reminder that life is short and we really don’t know what can happen, so we need to make the most of the life we have and make it a good one.
One that we cherish with all our hearts and all our being.
One that feels aligned.
One that lights us up.
One where energy is everything and we contribute to our own healing.
One where we follow our Soul’s purpose and where we express ourselves creatively and with authenticity. 
One where we listen to our intuitive guidance and trust in our highest self. 
The journey continues and I feel so excited to be on it and taking the purpose driven path with you.

Create your own moments of awe and wonder within and you no longer have to look outside of yourself for the answers.

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