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Hey there lovely, thanks for stopping by!

I am an alignment and creative seeker passionate about all things related to creativity, exploring your purpose and following your joy. I am a self development and spiritual junkie! I make contemporary jewellery, art and design pieces. I enjoy exploring the world around me, the big and small family moments, imagining and creating inspired spaces and interiors and connecting within.

I live in the picturesque Adelaide Hills with my two beautiful and energetic boys, gorgeous husband and my crazy, but lovable Spoodle Rossi. I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and the abundance of nature at every turn. I am a true chocoholic and have a small obsession with drinking tea. In my past life I even worked in a chocolate shop and took factory tours where we could eat as much as we liked! I secretly still have a dream to one day study interior design along with the many other creative interests that I keep adding to my list; I am truly the lifelong learner!

I create jewellery, art and design pieces with intention and as an expression of my inner self. I enjoy the intuitive jewellery making process for the mindfulness and presence that it can bring. I find it fascinating to utilise found and vintage objects to create one off pieces and I am constantly intrigued by nature, my surroundings, architecture and design. I also love to play with textiles and similar techniques that encourage a sensory experience for the wearer and viewer.

I am passionate about connecting others with their creative and soulful selves through art, design, all types of creative expression, unique soulful and sensory experiences and of course through play. I believe the process of creation can unlock so much within our souls, no matter your skill level and even if you’ve never found yourself to traditionally be a “creative”. If we just allow ourselves to get into the ‘flow’ state, so much can emerge! Keep an eye out for ongoing creative and soulful workshops and mentoring (including Jewellery Making and more). I am beyond excited about sharing what I love with you!

My desire is that no matter our background or circumstances, we all have the ability to create prosperity, joy and success on our own terms if we choose to explore the world with a sense of curiosity, wonder and take consistent small steps in the direction of our desires.

Simply, I am focused on living aligned with joy and inspiring others to do the same. I feel confident this will affect positive change in the world and bring in more compassion and love, even if in the smallest of ways. With any luck, you were drawn here because you feel a similar way too!

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