Hey Gorgeous Soul!

Welcome to my energetic space. My desire for you here is that it feels like coming home. I have created this space as a place for you to feel connected to all of your senses and have an experience that feels loving, calm, peaceful and inspires your own creativity and divine magic. A sensory experience for your Soul.
What do I do?
I’m a Spiritual and Creative Mentor and a Purpose Coach and I’m a Contemporary Jeweller and Visual Artist. I am here to help you step into your Soul’s purpose and intuitive knowing, your divine creative expression and just to feel more bloody joy in the every day moments because basically that is what it all comes down to. That is why we are here. It may look slightly different to all of us, but we are here to expand into our highest and best version of ourselves. 
I am here to activate your heart
I am here to activate your Soul
I am here to activate your Divine openess
I am here to activate your creative expression
I am here to activate your unique sense of wonder and deep curiosity.
I am here to activate your freedom
I am here to activate your Goldeness within.

I offer 1-1 mentoring and coaching, as well as Human Design mentoring sessions. I also make contemporary jewellery and art designed to activate your Soul, your deepest desires and true intentions. I create each piece from a place of pure divine energy and I know that if the piece is right for you, that you will receive what you need from it and its’ energy will be deeply felt within you. Lastly, I run Jewellery Making for the Soul workshops to help you create your own divine jewellery piece that is a pure expression of you.