‘You Beautiful Basket Case’ Necklace – Black Swarovski


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‘You Beautiful Basket Case’ Necklace is the perfect piece to support your nervous system and embrace those moments when you feel like it is getting to be too much.

When you feel overwhelmed and stress starts to create certain physical experiences in the body, sometimes it can make you feel like a ‘basket case’, but what if we reframe it?

What about? “It is our nervous system needing regulation and nourishment because of all the mental load we can experience and even past emotional and physical turmoil.” I know it’s a bit longer, but hey, probably more accurate.

Sometimes it can affect our bodies in weird and wonderful ways, but saying it is all in our mind isn’t completely true either. You aren’t making it up. It’s not all in your mind, but it is your nervous system reacting in physical experience.

Try reframing it next time and just remember it is your beautiful nervous system communicating to you.

French knitted .25mm Fine Silver with unique black Swarovski crystals.


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