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Lenormand cards are a tool for divination using common symbolic imagery based on the early cartomantic style of fortune telling in the late 1800’s and in particular the card numbers are derived from the old card game of Piquet. A Lenormand reading is read like a story and is influenced by the cards that come before and the cards that follow, much like a sentence or reading hieroglyphics.  Each symbol and card has several layers of meaning and variation and the outcome of a reading is dependent on the context of the question asked and the intuitive insights of the person reading the cards as well. 

Lenormand is another wonderful divination tool to add to our spiritual toolbox, much like Tarot and Oracle cards, but quite different in how the cards are interpreted.

A Lenormand reading is usually eerily accurate the more specific the question you ask. We are all intuitive beings, but the more we practice using our unique skill and tapping into our natural abilities, the more accurate we are at understanding the messages we receive.

If you are seeking clarity and you have a question about a specific area in your life, then a detailed Lenormand reading might give you some supportive intuitive insight.

*Pop your specific question in the ‘Notes’ section of the shopping cart and I will send your intuitive reading via email. Please allow at least 1 week from your purchase to receive your reading via email, as each reading is prepared in written detail.


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