Golden 8 Week 1:1 Breakthrough Program


I help heart-centred Mumma’s and women heal by stepping into their Soul’s purpose and intuitive knowing, creative expression and live more joy in the everyday moments. 

If you want to find out whether this is for you and we are the right fit, just send me an email at and we can book in a chat.


My 8 week Breakthrough Program ‘Golden’ has been created to support you in designing and constructing a life completely aligned for you, where you feel inspired and enthusiastic about the path you are embarking on. Re-ignite your sense of wonder and live with more meaning, purpose and joy!

You’re sick and tired of battling brain fog, feeling confused, stressed and overwhelmed, burnt-out, unworthy, unheard and lacking belief in yourself. You feel a deep sense, a knowing inside of you that the time is now to heal your from your past heartaches and emotional turmoil, create positive changes and start living as your authentic and creative self.

If you are ready for change and you’re ready to step into who you really are, then let’s do this together!

You know if this is you!

You don’t need to do it on your own. I’m here to support you along the way.

You may just find with a few simple tweaks and some nourishing support, you are on your way!


In the 8 week program you can expect to:

– Move considerably closer to a specifically defined goal that you feel lit up about. 

-Get clear on your values.

-Create a clear and inspiring vision that lights you up.

-Set powerful intentions and really clarify the results you desire.

Learn simple and affective alignment and mindfulness processes to breakthrough the blocks standing in your way and ensure your continued success with ease, flow and joy.

Create clear actionable and achievable steps towards your intentions and goals that feel simple and effective.

-Prepare and empower you to continue and maintain this personal development journey on your own if you wish with confidence using the tools you have learnt after the 8 weeks are complete.

*Our calls will be conducted via Zoom each week for 8 weeks.

No more hiding behind what others perceive you to be! You get to decide! Are you truly ready to feel Golden now?

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