Collaboration of a special kind!

I am excited to share a little bit about a project my 8 year old son Elijah and I have been working on together for the past few weeks of the school holidays; a real life example of a child creating his own reality.
This special project came about because my husband Mark and I have been teaching him about responsibility, self reliance and also understanding the value of money. It has been a challenging journey of encouragement and supporting him to explore activities that actually motivate him. The every day household chores were just not working and I began thinking about other possible ways that would encourage his inspiration.
I asked Elijah if he wanted to collaborate with me on a jewellery collection based on his own hand drawn key designs and to maybe make some money too! We took his gorgeous key sketches that he had drawn a little while ago and shrunk them down to make into necklaces.
It has been a really powerful learning experience for Elijah and myself in so many ways and we have had the most beautiful opportunity to connect with each other on a deeper level. It has been truly lovely to share in one of my passions with him; jewellery making.
Not only has this project helped him to understand the value of money and responsibility, self reliance and resourcefulness, but it has been such a positive experience in encouraging his sense of wonder and creative expression and most importantly instilling deep belief in himself, his skills and abilities and that he really can create a life he loves.
Elijah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was two and a half and at the time he was mostly non verbal, although now he talks a mile a minute and I don’t take any of that for granted.
He struggled with emotional and social regulation and experienced daily meltdowns. We very rarely went out in public as a family because it all just became too hard. It was a challenging time for everyone, including and especially for Eli.
It is such a joy for us to reflect on his progress and how far he has come and to observe the pride he has in creating and collaborating on his own unique designs, while also learning valuable life and technical skills.
It really doesn’t matter how long our collaboration project continues for, but I am beyond proud of him and his beautiful designs.
Born from Elijah’s sweet hand drawings, let me introduce to you Elijah’s Sacred Keys!
Let one of Elijah’s Sacred Keys be a positive reminder and anchor to unlock the power of your highest self and be the creator you truly are.
Elijah's Sacred Key #2
Elijah's Sacred Keys #1 & #2

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