It Is Time for Intention.

Getting clear is super important for all of us to manifest what we want, but specificity in Human Design depends on certain aspects found in your body graph.
Download your chart for free here https://www.myhumandesign.com or here https://www.jovianarchive.com.
In Human Design we are all either specific or non specific manifestors and I am not talking about the Manifestor energy type, this is for all energy types. Look at your downloaded chart and the arrows up near the head of your chart. Now look at the right bottom arrow. Is it facing left or right? If the arrow is facing left it means you are a specific manifestor and if it is facing right, then you are a non-specific manifestor. 
In general, this means that left facing arrow people operate better when they organise the finer details to create what they desire. They will most likely find that being more detailed orientated and structured in their creation process will ensure positive results, nutting out the specific details will be advantageous and usually bring success
Where as, right facing arrow people will most likely find that being more free flowing in their approach to getting what they desire will feel better and create success, they are focused on the broader picture and higher chunk details (as my previous coach would say) and really getting clear on how they want to feel in their life and circumstances will be advantageous to them and ultimately create success and joy.
Now of course I am all about the feels over here, particularly as I was a Desire Map Facilitator for a year and continue to be a huge fan of Danielle LaPorte’s heart-centred work, however those of you like myself that are specific manifestors, will find success when honing in on that feeling even more and work out all the nitty gritty details to get there. Get very clear and specific, and then release it all to the Universe, so as to not get too attached to the outcome and sit in that desperate energy.
It is important to know that we all need to take inspired action and take the steps that move the needle forward with non attachment to the outcome, no matter whether our bottom right arrow is left or right facing. Have a play and see what feels good for you.
Here are some questions to help you get started on getting clear on what you want to create for your next chapter, for 2022 and beyond, whether you are a specific or non specific manifestor (if you are a specific manifestor, lets see if you can break it down into even finer details). Grab a journal and get writing, don’t just think about it, write it all out on paper.
Q.1) How do you really want to feel in these 5 areas and then narrow it down to your top 3 core desired feelings and/or states of being? (Loosely based on the 5 life areas in The Desire Map facilitation process by Danielle LaPorte)

-Livelihood and Lifestyle

-Body and Wellness

-Creativity and Learning

-Relationships and Society

-Essence and Spirituality

Now you know how you want to feel, answer the questions below, always checking in to see if they feel in alignment with how you want to feel…
Q.2) Where would you like to live?
Q.3) Who are the people you want to surround yourself with?
Q.4) How do you want to make money?
Q.5) What do you want to earn per month, year?
Q.6) Where would you like to go and explore?
Q.7) What do you want to create?
Q.8) What do you want to learn?
Q.9) What do you want your day to look and feel like? 
Script out your ideal ‘typical’ day and then script out an ideal ‘dream’ day, however, they may be one of the same for you.
I can’t wait to hear how you go and remember specific manifestors, the more detailed you get the better!

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