Identity…….Stepping into the New!

Am I  fully stepping into my new identity?

Hmmm, if I’m honest with myself probably not yet, but in reference to a Collette Baron-Reid oracle deck, I’m in ‘Between two worlds’. I’m in a transition. I know I definitely have NOT been fully owning it, but that is why I’m here today writing this blog post because I’m changing this. I’m shifting. I’m choosing to own it. I have made the decision to own it!

I’ve been asking myself ‘why is this transition so hard?’ This stepping into a new identity has come up more than once with my coach Renee and below are some of the major themes repeating themselves….

  • If I dive in deeper, guilt has come up multiple times and this idea that if I focus on me and my growth and don’t feel guilty about it then I’m a bad person and I don’t care about others feelings. Of course this isn’t true and it is quite the opposite. I care almost too much about everyone.
  • Fear of being seen, owning my quirkiness and being rejected too, but what I have ultimately come to realise lately is that no one can actually reject me, but me. 
  • I feel as though I’m letting myself and others around me down because I ‘should’ be more successful by now, particularly as an artist and contemporary jeweller, so how can I be thinking about doing or learning something else.
  • The fact that the perceived pressure of making money in my business seems worse for me than actually stepping into who I desire to become, but the fact is that money is only energy. 

These have all been themes that have had a strong hold over me, but as I become more aware of who I truly am on a Soul level and own it, I trust that each little right action will bring me closer and closer to what I desire and who I want to be.

Yes, trust is another theme that has been popping up for me recently. Trusting that I am already doing everything that is correct for me to fully step into my new identity, trusting that if I keep doing my bit, then the Universe will do her thing and meet me half way. Keep trusting!

So, let’s just say if I were fully owning my new identity, I would be sending an email every week or every fortnight, I would post consistently, create offerings that support others in their journey, make art, create jewellery and share my experiences and personal development journey and impact the right people! It would be a no brainer and it really is a no brainer! After listening to Kasia Burke (spiritual mentor) this evening doing a Facebook Live, she reiterated what I’ve heard many times before “It wouldn’t be about figuring out our Ideal Client Avatar because the Universe will bring the right people to us if and when we step into who we really are”. We still need to take action, write the email, contact the person, if it is correct for us, but from a place of aligned action and something that the Human Design System has continually taught me in the past year, is to always check in with my decision making authority and strategy.

I know for me it has been important to embody the feminine (receiving) and the masculine (action, doing) together. Sometimes I can be too much in one energy than another and it can be stifling. Awareness is definitely the key, as in most areas of life.

So what the fuck am I really talking about….you may be thinking what is this chick really on about!

A few weeks back I felt so low and I mean low. The energy was terrible and I couldn’t shake it. I was trying so hard to get motivated and make my art and create jewellery, but it just was NOT happening. I didn’t want to do it! I was doing lots of procrastinating, but then I remembered in one of our Mastermind sessions our coaches Dan and Renee had brought up that there is always a reason for procrastination and I knew there was something else to the way I was feeling.

I brought up my extremely low mood with Renee in our 1-1 coaching session a day or so later and we explored what it was really about. I was stepping into a new identity. I am stepping into a new identity. I was grieving my old identity and the shift that was occurring. I am now shifting from the exhausted, overwhelmed mum and wife who never had time for her jewellery making and art or quality time with her family, always feeling bitter and annoyed at how things are going …… to  fully owning and stepping into being a coach, mentor and guide who always spends quality time with her family and loved ones, takes care of herself and knows she is worthy of so much love and joy, makes lots of money doing what she loves, helping people align with their joy and doing what they love and making kick ass jewellery that helps people anchor into their highest expressive self. 

I realise now that this is everything; taking aligned inspired action to put yourself out there and let people know energetically and physically what you’re about.

I am still making jewellery, but I’m now stepping into who I am at my core. I’m owning the spiritual being I am, my connection to the Universe, my connection to my deep creative and soulful self. I’m stepping into the entrepreneur that I am, the mentor, the coach, the guide, and the contemporary jeweller and visual artist. I am all of this and more. My identity is changing and it will change again.

I don’t only make jewellery as an object of beauty (although this is wonderful too), but I create pieces of art as an anchor, an anchor to connect you to your emotions, your memories, who you desire to be, to anchor you in your creative power, highest expressive self and your Soul. This is why I am so passionate about jewellery as wearable art because there is so much meaning behind the pieces, so many layers. The intention is powerful!


You Got This

My personal development journey has been a long one, like many of us. I first discovered how powerful our thoughts and energy are over 15 years ago and I started to read and listen to as much as I could about these topics. I also became aware recently that this was when I manifested meeting my now husband and some of my best life long friends. 

A few years ago I enrolled in Marie Forleo’s BSchool, joined the Female Entrepreneur Association’s Members Club and became a Desire Map Facilitator through Danielle LaPorte. I did all of this to learn all I could about online business, heart-centred and soulful entrepreneurship, but especially to support myself and others to align with their highest selves and live the life they desired. I became a member of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Miracle Membership to deepen my spiritual practice and connection. I joined a year long Creative Exchange and started focusing on my creative practice more and believing I am an Artist. I found the confidence to start holding Jewellery Making for the Soul workshops because I knew it was about more than jewellery as a product for me, but it was about connection to the divine and creative expression from the Soul. I appreciate all of the experience gained; I appreciate my visual arts degree and my event management diploma, my whole working career and the experience gained through life’s highs and lows. Nothing is wasted and I’m learning now that I don’t have to regret any of it.

It wasn’t actually until August 2020 though, after investing in myself and working 1-1 with coaches and discovering Human Design that I really began to understand that the people you surround yourself with can make such a huge impact on what you want to achieve and who you want to be in your life. It is a continual journey becoming who you want to be, so why not start as soon as you can. Find your tribe, join a membership, find a mastermind or get a coach. You won’t regret it.

I love personal development and growth. I love spirituality and soulful, heart-centred business. I love jewellery, I love art and design. I love it all and I’m owning it all! I love the mind. I love spirit. I love how our bodies and intuition can tell us so much if we are willing to become aware and really listen. I love Human Design and its’ intricacies and depth and the way it reads like your Soul’s roadmap. I’m continuously learning so much everyday, even when I forget this sometimes and I don’t take notice of what I already know, all the little wins and accomplishments along the way, or when I get caught up comparing myself to others.

So, if you want to change something in your life, surround yourself with more of those people doing what you want to be doing or even being who you want to be. It is truly eye opening! Don’t take any little experience for granted!

Love to you all, beautiful Souls! xx

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