Tired! Nope Just Contrast.

I am exhausted! Utterly buggered! The kind of tiredness that feels like it continues on and on and on forever and you can’t see the light. Your intellectual mind knows that it will pass like every phase in life, but once again when you are in the midst of it, it can be so hard to see clearly and remember this small detail.

I am currently writing this while my 9 month old is scooting around on the living room floor dragging himself here, there and everywhere; strengthening his core muscles; developing those crazy crawling abilities and it will be another phase that will be gone all too soon. The beauty of this phase is his perfectly inquisitive mind, his perfectly inquisitive mind that NEVER SHUTS OFF! His mind that is so very observant and interested in everyone and everything. His mind that now says “I must stay awake to learn everything I possibly can, even though this lack of sleep could also hinder my learning and growth, never mind that!” Never mind that he is so so so over tired! Never mind that I am sooooo tired! ………….

But…..it is in this time of contrast and in reflection of a lifetime of other traumatic events that I find myself searching deeper within my Being. I don’t know what it is that I will find there, but it is in this sort of spiritual journey that I am seeking more, seeking less, seeking meaning, seeking alignment.

I have always been a spiritual seeker and I grew up with a mum who was always open and interested in spirituality, but now I am encouraging myself to stay on a consistent path. This is really only part of my journey, but I am seeing the world with new eyes and in a completely different light. I have been quietly listening to my intuition to take the next step. In this journey I am consciously embarking on, my main purpose is to stay on this consistent path and look for the joy in all of lifes small moments, these small miracles. I am making my jewellery and I am choosing to focus whole heartedly on the other things that bring me joy. I am now exploring what lights me up, letting intuition and inspiration guide me down stream.

Two weeks ago I made the choice to dedicate more time to a mindful practice and I joined Gabrielle Bernsteins Miracle Membership. BEST DECISION EVER! I have been meditating almost every day and I feel like it has helped my come back rate increase, so I no longer stay in a funk for as long as I did in the past. The more you do something, the more it becomes a habit, so feeling good and being in alignment is a pretty good habit to develop, right?

It is in the mindful moments that I will purposefully create new habits to constantly bring myself back into alignment. I am seeking to make a large shift in my life and be an example to others, but in particular be an example to my boys and my husband. I want them to see that we can all follow our joy and live a life that is inspired, abundant, creative, but most of all kind and full of love. I know that life is full of ups and downs and that it isn’t going to be a walk in the park, but I am attempting to create these new neural pathways, so I can bring myself back into alignment as much as possible and create an amazing and peace filled life.

Now I can appreciate my tiredness for what it is, contrast! Contrast that is helping me to see clearly what I do want and to line myself up vibrationally with that! So with consistency and practice, I embark on this journey; here I am seeking joy and seeking alignment!

If this resonates with you in any way, I would love for you to follow my journey and come along for the ride. It could be a lot of fun and that really is where the inspiration for this blog has come from. I am no expert on the spiritual laws of the universe, but I am excited to discover what will manifest from a consistent practice towards experiencing joy. Let’s put more love and kindness back into the world and I know that starts within.

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