The Seeker’s Gateway


An exploration into your unique Human Design body graph to help you experience more flow, joy, peace and purpose to live your best life!


An exploration into your unique Human Design body graph. 

This insightful reading gives you an understanding of who you are uniquely at your core and to learn some simple, but fundamental tools and strategies to practice and experiment with your own design for a more joyful and purposeful life.

If you have been looking for a modality or system that acknowledges your strengths and challenges in a way that can help you live out your purpose in life, then The Seekers Gateway reading is perfect for you.

When I discovered Human Design, I had no idea what it was or how it could help me, but the more I delved into this system, the more I wanted to learn and share it with everyone who was interested. I was hooked and started reading books and articles, listening to other Human Design experts and playing around with the knowledge I had gained from learning about my own Soul blueprint. I invested in coaches that also used Human Design in their own work and learnt so much. Finally, I decided to invest in a Human Design Reader Course to bring it all together. I understand if you might be a bit hesitant when you hear the term your Soul’s blueprint or your Soul’s roadmap. Maybe you think it all sounds a bit woo woo, but try not to knock it until you discover for yourself what it can bring to your own life.

Once you have  purchased, I will be in touch to coordinate a booking and to ask you for your birth date, birth time and birth location.  I will then generate your Human Design body graph. Utilising your unique chart, we will look at your energy, decision making, communication, health and wellbeing and your purpose, as well as how you may see yourself, how others may see you and any other unique information in your chart. Our call will be conducted via Zoom and I will be in touch with the link once the booking is finalised. 

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1 x 1.5 Hr Mentoring Session, 3 x 1.5 Hr Mentoring Sessions


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