My Story

Creativity, spirituality and my deep sense of wonder has always flowed deep within my veins. My mum and my dad were the most supportive parents any child could hope for and my mums influence made an enormous impact on my own choices to do what I love and study visual arts and jewellery making at university. 
However conditioned fear based perfectionist behaviours slowly began to control my life and I put my dreams aside to follow the more traditional route. I began working in positions that were safe and secure, but never really fulfilled my Soul. I was waiting to start our family and finally live a life I loved. But how long do you wait for?
In 2015 our eldest son Elijah was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at two and a half, and although he is an amazing and thriving eight year old boy now, it didn’t come without its’ fair share of overwhelm, stress and burnout from managing his care and support, language barriers and constant meltdowns at the time. Parenting was not at all what I had thought it would be and my almost impossible expectations were so far from what my husband and I were experiencing.
That same year I fell pregnant with our second son Jenson, who devastatingly and unexpectedly died while I gave birth to him. The pain and trauma from both of these events was such a shock to our nervous systems and there was a lot of healing still to come.
These events have changed myself and our families lives forever, but it is through these challenges that I have really experienced the process of grief, learnt true compassion for myself and others and grown tremendously as a human being and somehow amongst it all still find little moments of joy and peace.
It was the unfortunate awakening I was meant to experience to start the journey back on the path towards my Soul’s purpose.
One gift I received personally from what we experienced, was the reminder that life is short and we really don’t know what can happen, so we need to make the most of the life we have and make it a good one.
One that we cherish with all our hearts and all our being.
One that feels aligned.
One that lights us up.
One where energy is everything and we contribute to our own healing.
One where we follow our Soul’s purpose and where we express ourselves creatively and with authenticity. 
One where we listen to our intuitive guidance and trust in our highest self. 
The journey continues and I feel so excited to be on it and taking the purpose driven path with you.